• Lou is certified to teach The ServSafe Food Safety® and ServSafe Alcohol® Programs.
  • In-house sanitation programs are designed for individual needs.
  • Third Party Health Inspection Audits.
  • Spanish classes available with advance notice.

 The Humor of Food and History

  • A Culinary Show and Tell.
  • Huge collection of kitchen and cooking antiques and memorabilia.
  • Perfect  for club, organization and association programs.

Learning to Design and Create Edible Centerpieces

  • Creating vegetable flower displays.
  • Creating edible gifts.
  • Building large edible vegetable displays.

The Art of Eating Out

  • How to Avoid Being Eaten Alive at Dinner.
  • A program for the novice business diner.
  • Learn the protocols, techniques and pitfalls that might manifest themselves during the normal business meal.
  • This is an excellent program for graduating seniors or within a graduate program. The event would include a designed five course dinner supported by a running dining commentary. This can be coordinated with your dining service or booked at a restaurant.

Menu & Recipe Development

  • Menu evaluation and new recipe development.
  • Vast menu resources and databases are used along with a test-kitchen on location.
  • Graphic design and printing.

Massachusetts Real Estate Broker

  • Providing support with restaurant sales or purchases.
  • Fully Licensed MA real estate and business broker