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Changing Rolls

I am not sure about anyone else, but I am really getting confused by the mysterious changing rolls at the paper towel area of the supermarket and everywhere else that sells disposable paper towels. Do they think we are dumb? I guess so! They tell us that when you purchase their brand a certain magic occurs. Charmin, Scott, Viva, Bounty ect. ect. ect. tells us that 12 equals 24, 6 mega equals 24, 6 big equals 12, 4 big equals 8, 18 equals 36, 10 equals 14, 6 equals 8 ,6 equals 9 and 8 equals 12. Now; what do we do about this?

First we should look and see actually l how many sheets are in a roll and how long is the roll, are we talking about single or double ply(what ever that means) That’s big in toilet tissue also. What is the difference between a regular roll, big roll and jumbo roll.

The reality here is if you can’t easily compare the items to logically check the price we will opt for the low price or the largest magic number, which often is not the best buy.  I think it is time for a standard count and size rule to be established for the paper towel industry so we the consumer can figure out what is actually a good buy. This type of logic really scares these companies, I wonder how many people are actually employed to make up these magic counts just to confuse the consumers. Why don’t you fire them all and just lower the price for a standard roll. What ever that may wind up being.

Please pass this on so we can get this major problem resolved, so we all can spend less time in the paper isle.